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a diary in letters to trace the days, the months, along Time's spine. To capture it, if only for a moment, and remember the taste of what has gone by.

a letter to the end of summer.

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my summer vacation. 2012

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it does not suffice
to tuck yourself
in a suitcase

         (and get your hair caught in the zipper and
         chafe your skin against the leather and squeeze 
         your toes between
         the socks and ugly underwear, and block
         your ears, so they don’t hear
         the sharp, clear sound of the locks as they 
         close, with finality,

you have
to carry it 

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Girls with oxford shoes; girls with tattoos on 
their arms, like maps - the x marks the spot where treasure lies.
Boys with red lips; Boys with large hands and square jaws and lovely
treacherous eyes.
Crouching down behind bookshelves in a store, having a panic attack
and clutching at the spine of Great Expectations.
The irony is never lost on anyone, unfortunately.
Pages bruised and torn and sweaty fingertips on colourful covers, blinding with overwrought letters, cheerful comments - a classic; a masterpiece; a treasure for generations to come; forever the best

Girls that know better; Boys that know too much.
Poetry circles filled with cigarette smoke, fumbling touches against rock walls, backs arching like bows like
arrows flying to jab at skin and paint with blood and moaning
against the grass, against the stone, with bruises on pale hips and bite marks on shoulders.
Girls with toothy grins; Boys with well-pressed trousers.
And one more panic attack only witnessed by dead men, who knew nothing of the pain of carpet burns on bare knees.

(I don’t know what that is, but I’ve decided to keep it. Call it a writing exercise or something. I don’t know)

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typewriterdaily: I absolutely adore your spoken word audio posts. I would really love it if you could post more.

I will for sure :) And thank you!

p.s. any special requests? I don’t mind…
also trying to figure what would be the best way to do the postscripts as spoken words as well, since they are so short. 

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hello crazy hair today :)

July is making my hair all frizzy.